Felt Christmas Tree with Alphabet Ornaments and Number Lights

I created a felt Christmas tree with the 26 letters of the alphabet on the sphere ornaments and the numbers 1-10 on the light bulbs for my daughter. I am a big believer that the love of learning always starts at home.

I created the PDF with alphabet ornaments and number bulbs that you can print for FREE.
Link to print for FREE:   https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Felt-Tree-Alphabet-Ornaments-and-Bulb-Numbers-3517519/

FT 1I laminated the letters and cut them out.
FT 2




I cut the tree by stenciling half of  the tree with a sharpie and cutting along the edge.
Green felt is about 3 feet by 4  feet.

IMG_8124            treeeeee.jpg

I used both sides of Velcro tape  to put the tree on wall and only used the prickly side of the Velcro tape on the ornaments  and lights so they can stick to the tree to be able to be  taken off and on.

Please feel free to print to utilize for your own felt tree or share with someone that you know may be interested.


MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers

This week I was invited to a MOPS brunch.  MOPS means Mothers of Preschoolers, which covers mothers of children ages 0-5. Groups of moms all over many cities are able to meet in a supportive environment and discuss topics regarding motherhood.  I truly did not know what to expect but I am very glad to have attended.

Here is my experience:
1) I was able to experience leaving my daughter at daycare for the first time. This MOPS location has free on site daycare.  I was extremely anxious, but it was great to see how easily she was able to adapt to and enjoy her environment.  I must admit that having quality adult time and knowing my daughter was 20 feet away from me, playing in a room full of toddlers and smiling caregivers, was amazing.

2) I was able to hear an amazing presentation. The presenter was from Moms in Prayer International. Through her presentation, I was reminded about the importance of enjoying every stage of motherhood. Motherhood is not easy but I am very fortunate of being a stay at home mom and enjoy my daughter’s toddler stage in my, as the presenter called it, “seasons of motherhood”.  As we move into the next steps and through our journey of motherhood we must always remember to value it.

3) Most importantly, I was able to spend time with an amazing woman that I consider family.  My freshmen dorm-mate Lisa, friends for over 8 years, invited me to attend at her church. I am very fortunate of having someone like Lisa in my life that constantly reminds me that kindness goes a long way.  I think that as women and mothers we need to surround ourselves with individuals that remind us to be the best version of ourselves emotionally, professionally and most importantly as mothers.

If you have the time, I highly recommend in looking for a MOPS near you.  For more information regarding MOPS visit: http://www.mops.org/

Esta semana fui invitada a un brunch de MOPS. MOPS significa madres de niños en edad preescolar, que cubre a madres de niños de 0 a 5 años. Grupos de madres en muchas ciudades se reúnen en un ambiente de apoyo que cubre temas relacionados con la maternidad. Realmente no sabía qué esperar, pero estoy muy contenta de haber asistido.

Aquí está mi experiencia:

1) Pude tener la experiencia de dejar a mi hija en la guardería por primera vez. Estaba extremadamente ansiosa, pero fue grandioso ver lo fácilmente que ella pudo adaptarse y disfrutar del ambiente. Debo admitir que tener un tiempo de calidad para adultos y saber que mi hija estaba a 20 pies de distancia de mí, jugando en una habitación llena de niños pequeños y cuidadores sonrientes, fue increíble.

2) Pude escuchar una presentación increíble. La presentadora era de Moms in Prayer International. A través de su presentación, recordé la importancia de disfrutar cada etapa de la maternidad. La maternidad no es fácil, pero soy muy afortunado de ser ama de casa y disfrutar de la etapa infantil de mi hija en mí, como lo llamó el presentador, “temporadas de maternidad”. A medida que avanzamos en los siguientes pasos y en nuestro viaje de maternidad, siempre debemos recordar valorarlo.

3) Lo más importante de este día fue que pude pasar tiempo con una mujer increíble que considero una familia. Mi compañera de cuarto mi primer semestre en la universidad, Lisa, me invito a el grupo en su iglesia. Soy muy afortunada de tener a alguien como Lisa en mi vida que constantemente me recuerda que ser amable es muy importante. Creo que como mujeres y madres debemos rodearnos de individuos que nos recuerden ser la mejor versión de nosotros mismos emocionalmente, profesionalmente y lo más importante como madres.

Si tienes tiempo, te recomiendo que busques un MOPS cerca de ti. Para obtener más información sobre MOPS visite: http://www.mops.org/

FREE admission to museums and parks with San Diego Public Libraries and City of San Diego plus other fun summer activities!

Yay Summer is here!! In our home, we think of summer as the months of  June, July and August. In these three months, we try to create a fun learning environment for our daughter. We started this tradition last year, where our daughter became part of the 2016 San Diego Public Library Summer Reading Program.

San Diego Summer Reading Program-   Library
Children and adults can be part of the program where they will catalog the books they read and will get prizes for the quantity of  books they read. One of the prizes for participating in the program last year was a San Diego Zoo children’s ticket.

Throughout the summer, each branch will host different events that support the theme of the program. You can find all the events on this website:  

I really love this website as I am able to find branches, age range and times that works best for us.

Here is an example of an event that  is happening at one branch during the Summer Reading Program. I encourage you to utilize the San Diego Library event website to search for fun events.  Events can range from how-to activities for adults, arts and crafts for children,  STEAM projects for all ages and reading clubs.

library 8.png

The San Diego Public Library is also letting you check out Museum Family Tickets !
San Diego Libraries have family passes available to check out for the:
    Museum of Man
    New Children’s Museum
    Museum of Art

library 88
-Picture taken from library website*

To get these museum passes, all you have to do is login to the library catalog and search for membership pass or check it out museum  and the museum passes will pop up. You will then put a hold on the museum family pass and the pass will arrive at your branch of preference in less than a week for you to pick up.

I also recommend following the library branches near your home on social media to keep updated on all the great prizes, activities and great opportunities that our public libraries can bring to our homes.

Our own personal goal for the 2017 Summer Reading program is to read to our daughter 2,000 board books. This may sound crazy but when you do the math it is about 22-23 board books a day.  Board books are very short and fun to read that it usually takes us 30 minutes or 2 sessions of 15 minutes to read 25 books a day.  We usually do not read on weekends since we are very busy but we are going to push ourselves to read to her every day for the next 3 months.

library 6library 5  *Images taken from the Read Aloud website

Balboa Park Residents Free Tuesdays:  https://www.balboapark.org/residents-free
    Every Tuesday Balboa Park has free admissions to museums.
Visit their website for more information.

To Keep In Mind For February:  
Macy’s Museum Month- Half-Off Admission to 40+ Museums
“Arts, entertainment and culture collide for Macy’s Museum Month in San Diego. This February the San Diego Museum Council and Macy’s have teamed up again for Museum Month, giving patrons a chance to discover what’s new at more than 40 area museums with savings only seen once a year. Participants can pick up a Museum Month Pass at any area Macy’s store  in  San Diego and Imperial Valley to enjoy half-off admission to all of the participating museums through the entire month of February.” *From Website


To Keep In Mind for May:     The big exchange ! We super took advantage of this since we are members to one of the museums and we were able to visit many amazing places in San Diego with free admission during the month of May. 


Mama Maestra en Español

It is very important to me that our daughter is able to speak, read and write in Spanish. We currently go to different libraries in San Diego looking for Spanish board books. During the day we read in Spanish, speak in Spanish, and sing in Spanish. I hate to admit that when mom is tired at the end of the day, baby watches a little bit of Daniel Tiger on PBS Kids in Spanish.

Finding Spanish teaching material for toddlers was so hard! I either found super good material only in English or material that was in both English and Spanish. Since I only wanted material in Spanish, I had to create my own.

You can visit my teachers-pay-teacher website to download  and view the FREE material I created for our daughter by clicking on the link below:


Material includes-: Colores, Formas, Abecedario, Palabras de Frecuencia.
-Flashcards are in PDF form ready to download and print in either color or in black and white that you can color in.

Please share with any Mama looking to provide their child with a Spanish foundation. 

Songs we love in Spanish-
Los pollitos dicen:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcOiqtMsjes
De colores:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hiim7jKEFI
Una rata vieja: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa6CnEuvKAQ

Books we love in Spanish:
Lil Libros: We read Cuauhtemoc: Shapes/Formas and Loteria about 5 times each everyday.  Check out these amazing bilingual board books- http://www.lillibros.com
Next on our list to buy is their books on Frida Kahlo and Celia Cruz.  We purchase these amazing books at Target.



We are our children’s first and most important teacher.

I love the fact that I am my child’s first teacher. I am glad that I am able to teach her about so many wonderful things. I am creating my legacy towards her. I hope to raise her in a way that she values what she has.  My goal is to impose a mindset that with hard work and dedication she is able to achieve whatever she believes possible.  In this blog, I will share ideas, strategies, and activities that surround my journey through motherhood. Hope you enjoy it.

Somos la primera y más importante maestra de nuestros hijos: 
     Me encanta el hecho de que soy la primer maestra de mi hija. Me alegro de poder enseñarle sobre tantas cosas maravillosas. Estoy creando mi legado con ella. Espero criarla de una manera que valore lo que ella tiene. Mi meta es imponer una mentalidad que sepa que con trabajo duro y dedicación es capaz de lograr lo que ella cree posible. En este blog, compartiré ideas, estrategias y actividades que rodean mi vida como madre. Espero que lo disfrutes.

Being a mother has made me a better educator.

Being a mother has made me be a better educator.  A year with my daughter has helped me to truly see that children are not meant to be cookie cutter students. Here are 5 major lessons I learned:

1) Children Are Not Meant To Sit Still:  My daughter is extremely wiggly and silly, I now do not expect her to sit still but encourage movement. I now understand the importance of play-based learning at a young age and the importance of students learning through doing. As I see my daughter thrive through play and interaction, I realize that this is what our students need. Student’s should not simply read and write as a form of learning.

2)Homework Is Not Majorly Important: After a very busy year with my daughter, I realize that I want to be the educator that does not leave homework every day.  Families are so busy! The last thing parents need to do on top of everything they have to do at home is deal with homework.  Homework for my students would be to read at home.

3)Have Fun  And Let Things Be: The first month’s with my daughter taught me that life is unpredictable. Even when we try to follow a routine.  I now know that when we expect good things good things will happen. Our children and our students feed of our energy.  I plan on taking this wisdom to the classroom and will try to come into the classroom  everyday with a positive mindset thinking that every day is a new start.
4) Home And School Connection Is Very Important: I now realize it is super important to keep parents in the loop of what is happening in our classrooms. It is also a great way of forming parent-connection in the classroom that helps the home environment.  There are some great apps like ClassDojo or having a classroom twitter that can be utilized to share information with parents.  I as a parent would love to see what my child is doing at school and to get announcements/ reminders.

5)We Are In Charge Of Someone’s World:  As a tiger/helicopter mom myself. I came to the realization that as an educator I am now going to be in charge of 25+ “someone else’s whole world”. That is a lot of responsibility that will make me work harder as an educator to ensure every student is given opportunities and support to succeed in the classroom.